Sunday, November 23, 2008

Managing $$ Part 6: GIV

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Part of the reasons for being rich is so that we are able to give to others who are in need. Mr T Harv Eker is of the opinion that it is our responsibility to be rich so that others may benefit as being poor would make us be a burden to other people especially our loved ones. Furthermore, being rich for yourself may not be a good motivator to success but if we are to include other people in our reasons for being rich, we may find the fulfilment for living.

Have you heard of this adage, "the more you give, the more you will receive"? I guess we could not have more if our jar is already full. Therefore, by giving, we are actually creating space for the universe to fill up thus creating more for yourself. It's difficult to describe here but I hope you could understand.

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Therefore, in our quest to manage money successfully, it is suggested to allocate at least 5% of our revenue/income to charity/to those who are in need or for a cause which you believe/support. Those who wishes to allocate more is to take the extra amount from the Necessity Jar only. However, if the revenue / income that we are earning is insufficient for us to contribute for a good cause, we could trade it with our time. Time similar to money is precious. Therefore, for those who are unable to contribute cash, sharing your time with other people who either need assistance and/companion is equally honourable. Some of the causes which I used to or currently support are Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), All Women's Action Society (AWAM) and other impromptu requests.

Besides being a good giver, we must learn to be a good receiver too. All things comes in pairs, black/white, in/out, up/down, long/short, rich/poor, hot/cold, etc. This is to ensure balance and ability to create more.

How do you feel when you give something to someone genuinely? Happy? Great? In order to reinforce the good feeling of that giver so as to empower his/her power of giving, the recipient's ability to accept the gift with warmth and gratitude without returning the same favour (on the same day) helps. One good example that I could think of is when receiving a compliment. As a recipient of a compliment, a simple thank you to the giver is suffice. It is a norm for us to return a compliment to the giver but in actual fact, that reduces the giver's joy of giving and the reciprocated compliment becomes fake! Ouch! So, if you as a receiver needs to return the same, do it some other time and create a genuine compliment not because you have to!

Take it and own what has been given and be thankful!


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