Thursday, November 13, 2008

Managing $$ Part 5: PLAY

Sharing a thought...

The 5th jar should be an interesting account to create - the Play jar. Yup, if you have been following my blog ;) you'll note that this jar is set aside to help us satisfy our playful side/child in us or just to have fun. This is an equally important jar however, it is imperative to use it completely every month or in the event the amount saved is insufficient to serve its purpose, you may accummulate the amount up to the max of 3 months only.

Our life needs to be balanced; work and play. All work and no play makes us a dull person. Furthermore, in order to manage our money successfully, this jar has its purpose. Have you ever wondered why at times the money that we have been saving (the traditionaly way) seems to be in the deficit? At times on purchases that we later regret? Or we just bust our account in a particular month especially during our all time emotional low period?

Therefore, the play jar could be viewed as our emotional release jar which we could spend on anything that we like. This jar is also an "ALL ABOUT ME" jar. Use it only on yourself and for yourself. Pamper yourself. Go crazy and do something fun! As you practise this, observe its effect on you. Hope you'll like it!

Have fun!

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