Saturday, September 27, 2008


Sharing a thought...

Hope the previous column helps you to refocus on your long term gain instead of the short term pain that you are experiencing. As usual, to me, this is an opportune time and it has never been better than now for those who wish to amass wealth at low, low price. Invest on a regular basis to capture the benefit of Ringgit Cost Average (please refer to my previous blog on this subject) and be patience. You will reap its benefits in due time.

Did you noticed Warren Buffet, Li Ka Shing, Kenneth Lewis (Bank of America), Jamie Dimon(JPMorgan), back home our Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and the likes are busy right now buying up shares and expanding their empire? Would these multimillionaires/billionaires aggressively acquire companies if they are of the opinion that there is no hope for the economy or company to improve? I am sure they are unsure when the sun will shine again but being long term investors and knowing that they are buying good potential companies at very low price they continue to pick up what normal people would not. What about you?

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