Friday, September 5, 2008

Managing Money Part 2: EDU

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Hey, didn't managed to post my entry last week as I was away for training and it was an awesome week for me! It was a 5 day training and last till past 11pm and therefore had to recuperate for another day in Singapore to avoid having the panda's eye look. But it's worth it!

Continuing our previous entry on managing money, hope you are excited about this, the next jar that I'll introduce is the Education jar. What a coincidence! ;) ;)

Would you agree that our income is in parallel to our knowledge/skill? Therefore, putting aside 10% of your net income to improve your skills and knowledge is imperative if you desire to see your income grows. Training should be continous and should not be restricted to vocational / technical skills as soft skills eg management or leadership skill is equally important.

Depending on your interest or your vocation, investing in public seminars, books, magazines or even to learn new skills or opportunities to expand your mind and interest is highly recommended too. For example, if you are interested to learn more about investment and the various tools available, sign up for such seminar which is abound in the market. At times, such seminar is even FREE! Therefore, by investing your time and/money in such knowledge we are actually shortening our learning curve as we learn from other people's experiences, ideas and mistakes and thus enable us to achieve our dreams faster with fewer mistakes.

At times, from such trainings or even reading certain books, you would even discover new things about yourself which you never knew or even opportunities that you did not know exists thus enables you to explore further and hopefully finds your new destiny. Exciting isn't it?!

Therefore, invest in yourself and see how it rewards you in the future! But of course, knowing and doing what you've learnt (action) have to go hand in hand in order to see some results otherwise, it is just knowledge. Input must have an output => results. Hope the below audio/video would inspire you to ACTION! You have to click (act) to view though.. Ke, ke!

Just to share with you, to create this blog, I took the time to attend the class held in Kota Kemuning on a Sunday morning. Even though the class was free, but by making the commitment to learn something new and spending the time and losing my way there (as I've never driven to Kota Kemuning before) I've acquired a new skill which enable me to share and teach via this lovely channel. That's the reward for investing in learning new skill and am proud of myself for that! :) Furthermore, I've also found a lovely place for a nice bowl of duck noodle ala Bidor. Yum, yum!

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