Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sharing a thought... This was shared by a friend and am sharing with you..... In life we have either excuses - or we have results.It seems that some people are here just to teach us that ... Roger Crawford was born with one leg and two arms, but no hands. What does he do? He's a professional tennis player. That is, he earned professional status and he makes his living playing and coaching tennis. Digital Dan, of Ferndale, California was a carpenter until he got cancer of the throat and had his voice box removed. When he could no longer speak, he became a disc jockey! Dan types his words into a laptop computer, and the laptop does the talking! How often do we say ..."I'm too old, too tired, too lazy, too busy... it's too hard!"People like Roger and Dan remind us that our excuses are mostly pathetic! Take any goal you want to achieve ... a university degree, an apartment of your own, a happy marriage, a flat stomach ... and you'll find a hundred reasons why it is inconvenient or impossible. But all you need is ONE really good reason why you want something! Then you go and get it!When you want something enough, you'll find a way. IN A NUTSHELL Success is not about "the facts". It's about your attitude.

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