Sunday, June 15, 2008

Belief System

Sharing a thought...You don't Have to Believe What I've Said!

Yesterday, was a fruitful day for, I've learnt a new skill which will be my other source of income and two, I believed I had touched a number of people's lives through sharing a subject which I've recently learnt from T Harv Eker, on the Power of Belief, from The Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar, held recently in Kuala Lumpur. Harv is a very generous speaker and trainer as the value we derived was much greater than what we had paid for! He has also produced a best selling book of the same title. Would strongly recommend you GET one! I've never read any books like his and am re-reading it hungrily! I am always excited whenever I shared with anyone on Harv's teachings! And am also recommending my business associates and customers to attend his upcoming seminar in Singapore in November 08! Check this link

As I was preparing and sharing the subject of Power of Belief with my business associates, I began to understand deeply why there is such a disparity between the rich and the poor people. Harv has pointed out that it's all because of our past programming in relation to money, work, success, etc whilst we were growing up. Thanks to our family and society who have had meant well.......Whatever we believe or others believe of themselves or of other people, those are only OPINION! Belief is just an Opinion. Influenced by our past programming. There is no right or wrong, true or false opinion but any beliefs could empower or disempowers any person to act or otherwise. If that is the case, why not have a GOOD BELIEF of yourself to empower you to do something GREAT! Have a good belief in others too so that they could do something good to bring goodness to themselves and others too!

Wealth is a Result, Health is a Result, who YOU are is also a RESULT. If you don't like the results you see in your life, you need to identify the cause (your previous programming) and change it! We can't change our current results, but we sure CAN CHANGE our FUTURE RESULTS. Agree? To do that, change your existing mind program (your beliefs) and replace them with positive program (sorry, you can't change your hardware (your head) but you sure could change your software!). Do a daily positive affirmation of yourself and see yourself transformed! I Deserved to be Rich as I Add Value to Other People's Lives! Cheers!

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